A little about the blogger

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Thank you for visiting my blog!

I created this blog to record my memories, writings, rants and overall random personal opinions and criticisms of random subjects. My style can be outlandish, thought provoking and sometimes downright controversial.

I am told that what makes my point of view interesting is my clever, witty, knowledgeable and blunt approach to whatever subject matter I am focused on at the time. My subjects are not predefined, as I have many interest that come and go. They may be blog post on anything from politics, entertainment, living off the grid, recipes, wine making, my daily fuck-ups, short stories based on the memories or current events of my life, firearms, or target shooting.

I am very diversified, open minded, and sympathetic to the different cultures and people that make this world beautiful and crazy as hell.

Yet, I am intolerable to the bullshit going on in our world and will be writing with uninhibited vigor that is sure to gain me some hate mail and fill by comments with hater smack talk. That’s just fine. I ain’t scared of haters. Love me or hate me, you will be thinking of me regardless. On the other hand, I am looking forward to making friends and sharing with and learning from my readers.

I have no patience for whining and tantrums, so please save that shit for Facebook and leave it at the door.

Some people really can’t understand girls like me and some outright despise my less than tactful, opinionated, blunt approach to writing and life.

But then again, some people very much do.

So, Buckle UP, Cupcake. I’m here to fuck shit up. You coming?


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