A video that I ran across this morning set me on a rant of epic proportions. This video makes me ANGRY! It was released DAYS before the Deputy was executed in my beloved home state of Texas. The THUGS are using EVIL TACTICS TO PROVOKE TERRORISM ON WHITE PEOPLE! It sickens me.


Within a few days of this videos release, On Friday, August 28, 2015, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was fatally shot in Houston while pumping gas into his car. Texas law-enforcement officials said on Saturday, August 29, 2015 they had arrested  Shannon J. Miles, 30, and charged him in the execution-style killing. 

The way I see it….
I am sickened by this senseless killing. This is a fine example of how ignorance and hate is the true enemy of this world. I have no sympathy or patience for ignorant people. In the Information Age, ignorance is a choice. But for the love of God, stop spewing your ignorance. 95% of law enforcement officers are in the profession with the best of intentions.

These men and women sacrifice their lives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that all of us can attempt to sleep through the night in our beds without being raided by some ignorant thug and shot in our sleep.

It’s clear that there are bad apples in law enforcement. There is no denying it. However, what kind of twisted mind must you have to provoke terrorism on “any white cop” in retaliation? ?

The reality is that law enforcement officers have one of the toughest jobs on this planet, along with American Troops. It is a selfless profession and it sickens me that they are being gunned down so senselessly.

Before anyone tries to deflect the attention to the 5% of corrupt police officers, it also sickens me when a thug cop guns down a victim senselessly. Should we not ack owl edge that a majority of the cases that are being “protested”, there is a THUG that is is refusing to comply with police officers orders and/or branding a gun. These fools apparently don’t think their own life matters or they would have cooperated and followed the orders of police officers to avoid being shot. Why should their life matter to any of us, if it clearly doesn’t matter to them.

I despiseALL hate crime. The ignorant and vile human beings featured in the video above, The black thugs out there “protesting” by violently tearing apart their own communities. The fact that blacks are the biggest murderers of their own race is irrelevant to the thugs like Al Sharpton and the black activist that are preaching that “Black Lives Matter” THEN STOP KILLING ONE ANOTHER! These morons make it hard on the black community that are responsible, law abiding citizens.  And there are many of them just as infuriated as anyone else.

It’s no different for The KKK. They have spent decades wallowing in their own hate, ignorance and violence and have caused irrevocable damage, distrust and disgust to the white race as a whole. The many decades when the whites abused and demeaned blacks and held them in contempt for no other reason than the color of their skin. These assholes and their history make the law-abiding, God loving,  accepting and loving white white citizens to be looked upon with disdain, fear and disgrace.

The Muslim ISIS terrorists spend their days beheading Christians in the “name of religion”, which include children. They are raping, violating, torturing Christians and many of you are not batting an eye. ISIS and AL Queda have instilled terror within the Christian community causing us to fear every Muslim we come in contact with.

And I am one of them, I have only been exposed to three types of Muslims. 1) The ones that will behead me in an instant given the chance because I am American, Christian and would obviously be considered a disgraceful, vile example of a woman based on my sparkling personality, hippy/cowgirl wardrobe and big mouth. 2) The ones that would not mind seeing me dead but would prefer someone else to do it, most preferably ISIS and 3) The ones that may tolerate me and may even be polite but would sit idly by if another Muslim from the first kind of Muslims I mentioned.  No, I do not believe all are bad, but they are a product of their circumstances and brainwashed from birth to hate me and my kind. Yet, strangely countless of them want to live amongst us. In peace, that could be fine. But in their belief systems it’s hard to imagine the majority of Muslims I described in 1 and 2 becoming “peaceful” based on their leaders and fellow Muslims habit of chanting “Kill Americans” like we in the south like to whistle Dixie.

Moving on to the deranged, mentally ill mass murderers brandishing gun, bombs, and everyday terror on their communities…these poor souls have been bucked by the system by our habit of letting themfall through the cracks. The Mental Health System in this country is a JOKE. Some of these sick individuals go on to commit terrible crimes and conveniently the Obama Administration blame the usually blames GUNS. Or they ignore it ever happened as they are doing now in the case of this execution committed on the Deputy that provoked this article.

Are you fucking kidding me? Yet he has nothing to say as of the date/time of this post entry about the “gun” a black man used to execute this Deputy, the gun a gay black man used to murdern two innocent whites on LIVE TV, The beautiful young lady that was murdered while simply strolling down anpiernwith her family by an ILLEGAL immigrant, and the fallen American Marines and Sailor that was gunned down by a Muslim terrorist partly because our governement decided that they can’t be trusted with guns while actively negotiating an insane deal with Iran to assist them in gaining access to NUCLEAR weapons. Barrack Obama relatively ignored all of these cases because of their one common denominator. Not one of them looked like Treyvon Martin.

I have news for you, It wasn’t the gun that killed the deputy, or any crime in this country. Itmwas the HATE and IGNORANCE in the attackers heart. As a law abiding citizen that is also a legal gun owner, I call bullshit on Obama and LIBERAL hogwash. The gun on my bedside table as we speak is just as harmless to me and you as the remote control sitting next to it. You don’t believe it? Well I can assure you that it won’t become any harm to me or you as long as I keep it out of the wrong hands. That is a responsibility I take seriously. It is not a “toy”. It is a “tool” and will only be picked up to protect myself against the ignorant people that has prompted this post. Avoid being one of them and stay out of my home and/or my bubble and I can guarantee my guns will remain as peaceful as they are this minute. I am not mentally insane, racist, or filled with hate for anyone. Therefore,nyou have nothing to fear from my guns.

But there are countless people out there that are being overlooked in schools, hospitals, jails and prisons that suffer from mental illnesses. They are being misdiagnosed, ignore or just plain forgotten. A good example is our veterans suffering from PTSD that can’t get a the medical care they need and are forced to wait months for appointments…..all the while ILLEGAL immigrants are getting immediate top care. That’s Bullshit!

Speaking of ILLEGAL immigrants (I feel the need to stress the word illegal to avoid unnecessary backlash from the Mexican community that Mr. Trump endured) ………..

ILLEGAL immigrants are skipping and dancing across our border, with non fear by the masses. Marching right in via are wide open border,  signing up for our benefits, enrolling their children in our schools, receiving scholarships and grants to attend colleges, and on and on. Some of these people are violent criminals, the rest are still criminals for illegally coming here. They are blatantly taking advantage of our benefits and are downright arrogant about it. They cost the working Americans billions a year. Yet our veterans, homeless and abused children are being downright neglected, forgotten and ignored. These ILLEGAL immigrants make all immigrants look bad and it is wrong.nThis is clear and fully understood by the non ignorant citizens of this country.
I have something to say to the people (liberals) who will certainly start babbling an incoherent excuse to this heinous act of provoked terrorism. It was brought on by the HATE and racial divide orchestrated by  lunatics like Al Sharpton and coddled by the Obama Administration.

This Administration is creating and fueling the racial divide in this country. By simply picking and choosing which of the hate crimes to simply ignore, deflecting blame in the wrong direction, and adding fuel to the flames in the ones that have black  or Muslim victims. YOU people are the real culprits in this cluster-fuck of a mess we are in! The media hogwash is your right hand and they love fanning the flames and twisting the facts to your agenda to boost their ratings and line their pockets.mThe majority of your liberal voters are being brainwashed into believing that socialism and being dependent on government assistance is their best chance of success a free country that was built on opportunity that freedom allows.

Yes, the liberals will quickly deflect the blame by quickly point out the 5% of the corrupt cops?? The 95% of men and women that serve and protect us based on the best of intentions, making sacrifices most of us would and have refused to make every day! Their lives don’t matter because of the ignorant 5%? STFU and Wake up!!!

What everyone of us oshould be focusing on the crime itself and the senselessness of it. And ask ourself how and why anyone can dream up a relevant excuse for what happened. You can’t downplay it.

Your attempt at deflecting the light from the fact that a cop was ambushed and gunned down within days of a radical hate group calling for the murder of cops is only going to be heard by your fellow ignorant.

NO hate group or hate crime should be tolerated or excused. They should all swiftly be brought to harsh justice.

So in the best interest of yourself and the future of your children and fellow Americans, EDUCATE  yourselves. Knowledge is power, Ignorance is a choice.

STOP the VIOLENCE BY ALL HATE GROUPS by refusing to accept, tolerate or justify it. Start with the person in the mirror to illicit real change. Obama can keep his brand of CHANGE he road in on and take that race dividing, terrorist coddling “change” back to Hawaii or Kenya with his fake social security number in tow.

We are all humans regardless of what category you fall in on the politically correct terms used to divide and separate us from one another. We are also ALL AMERICANS (except the ILLEGAL immigrants in which I refuse to acknowledge until they stop breaking the law, become a legal citizen and pay taxes like the rest of us)

As human beings and Americans, we can decide to separate ourselves from hate and embrace love and respect of one another and our perspective races, religion, sexuality, gender or physical ability and disability.

We can refuse  to give them our attentions, understanding , or sympathy. And refusing to tolerate it in any form. Dont justifying their evil agenda. If you endorse one, you endorse them all.

And please, please read up on facts and open your mind before you go spewing your misinformation on social media and various Internet blogs. Call out hate crime for what it is… Evil! It is a tool used only by the IGNORANT on the IGNORANT. STOP deflecting, blaming, excusing and tolerating it or please please shut the hell up and let the rest of us pull up our shirt sleeves and clean up this fucking mess we have created.

Figure out how to do something constructive in your community to inspire the right kind of change that will benefit the lives of ALL Americans and human being as a whole.

If we can’t recognize the real issue here is hate and ignorance, suffered and delivered by all our respective racial groups to some degree, we have a world where no fucking one will get what they want or the peace we all deserve.


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