Saturday marks the third year of Pastor Saeed’s wrongful imprisonment in Iran for his faith. There will be hundreds of prayer vigils world wide for Pastor Saeed and his family. 

He recently reported to his family during a quick visit that he is being tortured and abused by Iranian Intelligence whom are attempting to extend his 8 year prison term. 

Although he was all but forgotten by the Obama Administration while negotiating their horrific deal with Iran, many of us have NOT and NEVER will forget. It is PAST time our government demands his release. 

All Christians, human rights activist, pastors, and anyone else that finds this to be wrong, inhumane, unjustified, and cruel, I pray you call or send letter via Twitter or Facebook to The Obama Administration, and your local and state governement officials demanding action to get Pastor Saeed freed and returned to his family.  

Iranian President Rouhani plans to travel to the United States next week to address The United Nations General Assembly in New York. Christians everywhere need to make their voices heard.

The wife of Pastor Saeed, Naghmeh Abedini had this to say:

When will this nightmare end? Saeed is not a criminal. Being a Christian and motivated by Christian values to help the poorest and most needy children in Iran should be seen as good for the Iranian society. Hearing that yet again the hardliners in Iran are trying to fabricate evidence against my husband and that he was abused and tasered is almost too much to bear.
It is time for governments all over the world shift their focus to the injustices of the Iranian Government and call on the Government of Iran to free my husband. It is time for businesses seeking to do business in Iran to look beyond their bottom dollar and see the instability of a government known to imprison innocent men and women who have exercised their fundamental freedoms. Whether we operate in the field of business, government, or simply are members of human society, we must expect and demand more of our leaders. 

 I pray that as President Rouhani plans his travel to the United States next week, he will hear relentless voices crying out for Saeed’s freedom.

Please speak to your local churches and community to organize your own vigil in Pastor Saeed’s behalf and contact your local and national governement officials. Let them hear us roar.

Please visit ACLJ.ORG by clicking here to sign the petition, donate or for more information. 


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